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Who this is for

VeniceBox is a complete tourist product that aims to provide customers with all that a tourist needs to visit Venice. That's why we are always looking for new contents, products and services to affiliate. We make sure that you get the value and quality you are looking for in the end product.

VeniceBox includes all of the services that any tourist may need in Venice – thus, is covers a broad range. If you think you've got content to add, please fill out the form to join our circuit, so you can exploit all of the benefits, whether you are in Venice, or in the surrounding Veneto region mainland. Here are some examples of businesses and services:

  • Restaurant/Bar
  • Hotel or hospitality facility
  • Shop or business activity (souvenirs, clothing, foodstuffs, etc. … or just plain, old generic shopping)
  • Show, gallery or museum
  • Concerts or night time entertainment
  • Historical or artistic building
  • Place of interest
  • Tour or cruise
  • Rent vehicles boats
  • Attractions or entertainment

Are you one of these? Join VeniceBox today.

Why join VeniceBox?

The benefits from joining the VeniceBox circuit are plenty:

  • It doesn't cost you anything
  • You join a very effective sales network that guides 22 million tourists per year, using both traditional operators and the internet, supported by the most advanced web marketing tools.
  • You can also show up in the sponsors section of the map which comes with the package
  • You can also draw customers to your business by using special offers

YOU decide on the content, and we promote it! Why wait? join the VeniceBox club.

How it works

  1. Once you have completed your online registration, one of our consultants will get in touch with you to check the products and services that we can promote and to check the quality standards requirements at VeniceBox.
  2. We'll complete your ad with you and see to translating it into the main languages so that you can benefit from quality exposure
  3. Your profile will then be cleared and will show up on our www.venicebox.it website, and, on all our promotional tools!

Why wait? complete the application form right away, no strings attached and no payment needed!

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