VeniceBox and cookies uses cookies to improve your browsing experience on this website.

What are cookies?

They are used on almost every website to improve and make browsing faster and immediate. In fact, cookies are simply text files that are stored in your PC’s or device’s browser. They contain information about what you have done while browsing a website and about the pages you have visited. A classic example is found with the contents of shopping carts, which are stored on you PC using cookies. That way, every time you access a site again, it can display you purchase history and details so you can start exactly where you had left off, without having to repeat the entire process from the start.

These files are sent, uniquely and securely, by the server of the website you are browsing to your browsing device. The data can only be read by that same server, to help improve your browsing experience.

You can also view the following sources to read up on cookies:

general information on cookies
European Directive on cookies

How do we use cookies for visitors to our website?

VeniceBox only uses secure cookies, that use limited personal information, and strictly for improving your browsing experience and providing marketing and promotional data that fits your profile.

Below you can find the complete list of cookies that we at VeniceBox use.

Cookie Name Cookie Type Cookie Scope Cookie’s potential intrusion rating Cookie duration Cookie section
Session ID Tag First Party To trace and remember the products you have searched, viewed and added to your cart, the last time you browsed. Low Maximum 30 days Performance Cookie
Cookie script accept First Party To store the consent to the use of cookies. Low Duration of the session Performance Cookie
Google Analytics Third Party To measure browsing traffic and site performance and so ensure you get the best possible service Low Maximum 60 days Performance Cookie
Google AdWords Conversion Tracking Third Party To measure performance of promo campaigns via Google AdWords Low Maximum 60 days Performance Cookie
Google AdWords ReMarketing Tags Third Party So we at can provide focused ads to our site visitors depending on your browsing history at other websites as listed on the Google Display Network Medium Maximum 60 days Behavioral Advertising Cookie

Can I remove cookies from my PC or device?

Certainly. Just delete your browsing history and browser contents. You can do this at any time. Check you browser's options on how to delete cookies and even set up any related filters.